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Get FIT, Go Green and Earn Money.

Take advantage of Ontario’s FIT and Micro-FIT programs now and supplement your operational or household income with a green energy alternative.

Solar energy production using the latest photovoltaic systems has become the preferred choice by homeowners, small businesses, corporations and industries looking to capitalize on government rebates and financial programs. From inception to completion, German Solar Corporation is helping businesses implement their solar projects with comprehensive turnkey services and leading edge technologies.

Turnkey Solar Solutions:
- Initial site assessment
- Solar array design
- Environmental feasibility and impact assessment/study
- Permitting and approvals facilitation (FIT and Micro-FIT permitting in Ontario)
- Engineering and construction
- Short-term systems monitoring and optimization
- Long-term monitoring and maintenance

Solar Technologies Sales:
- Solar Panels
- Inverters
- Tracking Systems
- Racking Systems

Now is the time to act and we are ready to help you reach your green energy potential.

Call us at 519-457-7373 and see if you qualify for FIT today.