GSC provides turnkey solutions for developing commercial and industrial-scale solar arrays. We secure the investment, you provide the roof space, and we develop, operate and maintain the array for the duration of the lease contract. From 50 kW to 500 kW arrays, our customers rely on us to develop high-performance solar systems that generate a strong ROI.

There are many investors who strongly believe in solar energy and are expanding their financial portfolios to include green energy alternatives. This cash infusion translates into developing solar arrays that produce electricity and generate revenue when sold back to the grid. With current guaranteed government incentives, investors are experiencing a healthy ROI over the duration of the contract, which typically lasts 20 years. However, investors need roof-tops to building their arrays on.

As a building/property owner, your roof-top may be suitable for developing a solar array at no cost to you. Our investors provide the capital funding to develop the array; GSC provides the technologies and services for building, optimizing and monitoring the system for the duration of the contract. You secure income from renting your roof-top.


GUARANTEED, LONG-TERM INCOME·– Ontario’s FIT Program is providing solar array developers guaranteed rates to produce electricity over 20 years. This translates into guaranteed long-term income for building owners willing to lease their unused roof space.

NO CAPITAL COST – GSC pays for the entire system and associated installation costs – you don’t pay any capital outlay.

NO MAINTENANCE COST – GSC maintains and monitors the array in real-time to ensure performance, efficiency and structural integrity.

FAST START-UP – Once the array is constructed, you will begin realizing lease revenues after the first month of operation.


POSITIVE IMPACT TO ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH – Solar is a free, clean and renewable energy source that can minimize our reliance on non-renewables such as coal and oil. It helps us achieve our energy independence and reduces our carbon footprint for a brighter and healthier future.



The GSC Roof-Top Leasing Program offers anyone owning a commercial, institutional, or industrial building with additional income over a 20 year timeframe. It is easy, low risk, and offers you additional income from your roof.

German Solar Corporation takes care of:

Roof-top/property owner involvement:

• Assessing the suitability of your roof with detail to solar efficiency and engineering design

• Securing the investment to develop the solar array; there is no capital cost to the property owner

• Completing all government applications and pre-feasibility studies

• Schedule the best time to construct the solar array

• Supplying all materials, personnel and technologies to construct the array in a timely and efficient manner

• Working with the local electricity organization to test and connect the array

• Monitoring the array’s efficiency for the duration of the contract

• Maintaining and operating the solar array to maximize electricity production/performance·

• Agree to the terms of the lease contract

• Agree to rental income generated from the production of electricity from the solar array



• GSC has been doing solar since 2004 and has built a reputation for honesty, integrity and quality – our customers trust us with their future

• GSC is upfront about your solar potential and will recommend the course of action appropriate for your site conditions

• GSC understands any operational impacts to your business affect your bottom-line and is why we schedule installations at a time convenient to your working schedule (weekends, during shut-down periods, holidays, etc.)

• GSC arrays are constructed for longevity and are guaranteed to last the full 20 year contract duration which guarantees your lease for the full contract

• GSC arrays are engineered to last and withstand high winds up to 140km

• GSC arrays are safely secured to the roof structure without impact to the roof integrity

• GSC takes care of everything including:  feasibility study, financing/funding, array design, FIT application, approvals, construction, performance assessment, long-term monitoring, systems maintenance & operation, emergency response

·Customer service – we deal with the manufacturers so you get peace of mind

·GSC arrays are designed to maximize solar absorption and electricity production which translates into higher efficiencies


GSC is pleased to announce our latest solar arrays - SUNHORIZON Series* (roof-top) and SUNVIEW Series* (ground mounted).  Both systems integrate best-in-class technologies for reliable and predictable electricity production - tailored for Ontario’s climate conditions. Both meet Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Program requirements for Canadian content and are fabricated in our London, Ontario facility.

SUNHORIZON-Series SUNVIEW-Ground-Mounted-Logo



• Rapid system installation - saves time and money
• Pre-assembled/packaged for delivery – minimizes shipping costs
• Durable construction – offers long-term reliability, low maintenance
• Electrical connections are field-tested - safer and reliable
• Wind resistance up to 140 km/hour – rugged, stable
• Built-to-FIT - adaptable, custom designs for unique site conditions
• Canadian content - exceeds FIT requirements



Take advantage of Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) and Micro-FIT programs now and supplement your operational or household income with a green energy alternative. Solar energy production using the latest photovoltaic systems has become the preferred choice by homeowners, small businesses, corporations and industries looking to capitalize on government rebates and financial programs. From inception to completion, German Solar Corporation is helping businesses implement their solar projects with comprehensive turnkey services and leading edge technologies.

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