Homeowners and cottage owners are offsetting the effects of rising electricity costs with the installation of our high-efficiency SUNHORIZON Series* roof-top solar arrays. Ranging from 1.5 - 10 kW's, SUNHORIZON Series accommodate virtually any roof size or design.  Each array is optimized for Ontario's four seasons which translates into our customers enjoying a strong yearly ROI.

Whether using the energy produced for onsite purposes or selling energy back to the grid at guaranteed rates via Micro-FIT, German Solar Corporation is helping residential customers understand and implement complete solar systems.


 EARN MONEY – Build a solar array, produce electricity and sell it back to the grid with guaranteed rates that will earn you money over 20 years. Lucrative government incentives provide strong ROI.

• INCREASE YOUR HOME VALUE – Studies by the University of California at Berkley have shown that solar arrays add value to your building, while also improving your roof’s insulation properties and increasing the life of your roof.

• ENERGY INDEPENDENCE – Electricity prices are soring as are the projected rate hikes over the next 5-10 years. Choose a more cost-effective way to power your home and vehicles with your own solar array and beat the high price of electricity.

• POSITIVE IMPACT TO ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH – Solar is a free, clean and renewable energy source that can minimize our reliance on non-renewables such as coal and oil. It helps us achieve our energy independence and reduces our carbon footprint for a brighter and healthier future.


GSC is pleased to announce our latest solar arrays - SUNHORIZON Series* (roof-top) and SUNVIEW Series* (ground mounted).  Both systems integrate best-in-class technologies for reliable and predictable electricity production - tailored for Ontario’s climate conditions. Both meet Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Program requirements for Canadian content and are fabricated in our London, Ontario facility.

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• Rapid system installation - saves time and money
• Pre-assembled/packaged for delivery – minimizes shipping costs
• Durable construction – offers long-term reliability, low maintenance
• Electrical connections are field-tested - safer and reliable
• Wind resistance up to 140 km/hour – rugged, stable
• Built-to-FIT - adaptable, custom designs for unique site conditions
• Canadian content - exceeds FIT requirements



Take advantage of Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) and Micro-FIT programs now and supplement your operational or household income with a green energy alternative. Solar energy production using the latest photovoltaic systems has become the preferred choice by homeowners, small businesses, corporations and industries looking to capitalize on government rebates and financial programs. From inception to completion, German Solar Corporation is helping businesses implement their solar projects with comprehensive turnkey services and leading edge technologies.


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“German Solar Corporation provided us with the confidence  and technical know-how to finally achieve our dream of energy autonomy."

"We never thought developing a solar array could be so easy and personally rewarding.  GSC worked with us each step of the way and helped us understand the immediate benefits - including more money in our pockets, while also helping the environment.  I would recommend GSC for anyone considering solar as an energy alternative."