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German Solar Corporation

is a Solar Photovoltaic Development Company with the Canadian head office located in London, Ontario.  The company specializes in solar array development on commercial rooftop space as well as Net Meter and small commercial scale ground mount solar arrays on lands ideally suited for this land use.

Science & Technology

We are a scientific-oriented company that continually invests in research to improve solar array designs and processes. We nurture new ideas by participating in academic and regulatory platforms that drive forward solar innovation and policy.


We are in this business for the long-term and take pride in providing first-class customer service during and after the sale. Our technology portfolio is selected on the basis of efficiency, reliability and strong manufacturer warranties so our customers can be confident about their investment.

Environment & Sustainability

Our employees are motivated by solar and go the extra mile to complete projects safely and to meet customer expectations with minimum impact to the environment. Our primary goal is to develop and construct Low Impact Solar Projects that provide clean renewable and affordable distributed generation.